Thousands of users cannot be wrong

Your home should be where you feel most comfortable, so it’s essential to create an environment that helps you and your family feel safe and secure.

Safety from potential dangers

We guarantee the product quality which makes all our electronic locks tamper-proof & highest grade security is what you can expect as a standard.

No more fumbling for your keys

Just touch the smart lock to open for the ultimate in convenience. The Haken touch-to-open smart lock makes life more convenient and more secure.

Sharp design for
your Uber House

With a Haken electronic door lock you can use your own personal code to enter your home with just a few simple pushes of a button and lock it with just one. You also get more control over who has access to your home. Just assign a temporary code to who ever needs one and delete it when you see fit. Now you can totally eliminate the need for keys.

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  • User-friendly access

    Smart Door Lock accommodates each person’s individual lifestyle with the variety of access methods. (Passwords / RF Card / Finger print / Smart tag / Mechanical override key)

  • Double authentication

    The double authentication mode strengthens security. Password plus fingerprint /card must be authenticated to open the door(Optional). This feature is not available in all models.

  • Anti-theft mode

    When leaving, you can set up the anti-theft mode by simply pressing the button, preventing tampering by creating a warning sound. Feel at ease when you go out and keep your home safe.


Superior door security, just a tap away. Enjoy convenience and security with our electronic and keyless solutions.

We put more in.
To keep more out.

Our smart door lock technology that knows the difference between you and your neighbor—ensuring only the right people get in. It’s our way of securing your abode.

Strength. Style. Smarts.
No longer mutually exclusive.

We have highest industry rating for security and durability, the slim profile and tasteful design creates a stylish look that pairs well with your smart home interior.

It's Secured
you can hear.

The Haken locks senses the slightest vibrations or movement of the door and immediately alerts you with an audible alarm, giving you additional protection from break-ins at the door.

Keyless & Secure Access
With a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen

Allow friends and family to get in without a key—simply by entering a code. Featuring memory for up to 30 users.

Total awareness.
Comes with alarm functionality

Safeguards your entry door to prevent lock tampering with notifications of when the door knob/lever is being disturbed.

We're doing more than
just throwing away the key.

Grade 2 security rating for strong performance across a range of residential applications. Redefine secure with Haken’s 100% pick-proof lock.